Why vote Conservative in Cambridge?

No congestion charge!

Conservatives will not stand by while working people are charged to drive around their own city.

No misguided busways

Conservatives will not allow yet another guided busway to ruin the outskirts of Cambridge.

No more distractions!

Cambridge is sick of identity politics, and vandalism pretending to be protest. Let's sort out potholes and bin collection first.

Getting involved

The biggest thing holding us back is we don't have enough willing volunteers. The best way to get involved is to join the Party. In Cambridge we are an organisation of volunteers, so there are many capacities in which members and supporters can make a difference by contributing: campaigning, by knocking on doors, finding out what the voters want, helping run events, recruiting new members, raising or donating funds, standing in elections and participating in policy development

Join now!

Be part of a movement that is making a real difference to our country.