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Conservatives continue council tax freeze for another year

Conservative Chancellor George Osborne today announced that the freeze in council tax would continue for a second year.

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City Council defeated on student taxes

A Cambridge PhD student has won a High Court victory over the Lib Dem-run City Council, who had incorrectly charged him for council tax from which students are exempt.

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Putting you back in control

Yesterday the Conservatives unveiled radical new reforms that will mark an end to the hoarding of power within central government and hand control back to individuals, communities and councils.

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Remember, Remember the FOURTH of November

I was genuinely sad when Chris Howell chose to stand down as one of our city’s councillors in order to focus on his career (though I fully understand his decision).

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City Council Tax U-Turn Welcome

We tentatively welcome the news that the city council seems to be coming round to our way of thinking and is planning a council tax freeze for 2011/12.

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Budget: Council Tax Freeze

The Conservative Chancellor has kept our promise to fund a council tax freeze for councils that keep their costs down and would only be raising their council tax by 2.5% next year. The Lib Dems are planning to raise the … Continue reading

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