Welcome to our site

Cambridge City Conservative Association is a thriving political and social group that exists to promote the interests of Conservatives across Cambridge. We welcome new members and hope to meet them at either our campaigning sessions or our social events.

We support the four Conservative Members of the European Parliament, who will be coming up for re-election.

We support the work of Shapour Metfah, our Conservative Councillor on Cambridge City Council, and aim to gain more seats on the Council.

We enjoy our links with the Cambridge University Conservative Association and their political activities. We are aiming to increase our support across the city to that in the 2015 General Election we can win the seat back from the Liberal Democrats.

For hardworking people

Since 2010, the Conservatives have been fixing Labour’s mess and helping hardworking people. Help us show the hardworking people of Britain that the Conservatives are on their side.

Share our new website – www.forhardworkingpeople.com – with everyone you know.

Simply answer the questions to see what we are doing for you and hardworking people in your area.