Lord Richard Balfe

Lord Richard Balfe


Lord Balfe, a Cambridge resident is the Conservative Party Envoy to the Trades Union and Cooperative Movement. (more…)

Simon Lee – Chairman

Simon Lee


Simon grew up over much of England in a single parent family with very humble beginnings. (more…)

Stephen Howarth – Treasurer

Stephen Howarth


Stephen has been involved with the Conservatives since 2009. (more…)

André Beaumont

Vice Chairman

André has contested the Trumpington, Queen Edith’s and Newnham wards.

Eric Barrett-Payton

Deputy Chairman Political

An experienced Councillor at both City and County levels, Eric has a long record of public and community service.


Catherine Durance

Deputy Chairman Membership and Fundraising

Catherine Durance has been actively involved with the CCCA for the last three years and helps in many areas of the association. (more…)

Ben Flook

Media Officer

Ben has been actively involved in the Party since 2012.