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Shapour MeftahTrumpington – Shapour Meftah

Shapour Meftah was elected to the City Council in May 2012, defeating the Lib Dem incumbent by a margin of 79 votes.

Shapour has lived in Trumpington for many years and has run the Cantab Millenium store on Mill Road since he founded it in 1992.

He came to England in 1980 from Iran, where his father had served as Minister of Defence under the Shah.  In his early years here, he took a variety of jobs to support his studies and his family, including working nights selling kebabs and as a factory worker making parts for the Channel Tunnel. More details of his life story were recorded several years ago by a Cambridge art project.

Email: shapour.meftah@cambridge.gov.uk
Tel: 07831 206811

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