Patron’s Club

The aim of the Patrons’ Club is to enlist the financial assistance of leading supporters of the Conservative Party and provide a forum, at dinners and more informal gatherings, for our members to meet with Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and others concerned in policy making and party organisation.  This gives you a chance for your voice to be heard directly by those making decisions and acting on our behalf.

In return for your support, all Patrons are invited to an annual dinner and a drinks party, making it an enjoyable and worthwhile way of supporting and contributing to the Party.  This year the dinner will be held at Downing College on October 15th and the guest speaker will be Chloe Smith MP, who won the Norfolk North bi-election in 2009, brought on by the expenses scandal and was re-elected in the General Election.

The minimum subscription is £200 annually, or £250 if joining as a couple. You can pay quarterly, half-yearly or annually by standing order.

If you would like an application form please contact the Patrons Team by completing the form to the right, or phone Cambridge City Conservative Association on 01954 211444.