Thank You

We want to thank everybody in Cambridge who participated in the elections on 7 May.

During the campaign, we were all bombarded with literature. Many people might be relieved that it’s all over for another year—not least those of us, from all the parties, who helped the many candidates who stood for election!  However, the truth is that it was a privilege to meet so many Cambridge residents and to hear your views.

Although many people are cynical about politics, it would be wrong to take our peaceful society and democracy for granted.  So we want to say “thank you”:

Cambridge vote share changes 2015■ If you voted Conservative in the city council elections, then thank you for helping us to raise our share of the vote across the city by 2.8%, with swings from each of the other parties represented on the council.

■ If you voted Conservative in the general election, then thank you for supporting our vision of a strong economy and our commitment to continued investment in local housing, jobs and transport, in the NHS, education and social welfare.

■ If you voted for another party, or even if you exercised your right not to vote at all, then thank you for being part of the peaceful society and democratic process that we can often be tempted to take for granted.