Prime Minister Backs Cambridge

Following a personal invitation from our PPC, Chamali Fernando, and as part of a tour of the East region of England, the Prime Minister recently made a visit to Cambridge. David Cameron announced £4.8million of Government Funding for Trinity College’s Sir John Bradfield Centre which will support Cambridge City’s small high-tech businesses and create 160 new jobs.

camnews-200215During his behind-the-scenes tour of FlexEnable: The Prime Minister praised the Science Park for being “the first of the science parks anywhere in Britain and now the model for so many more.”

After the tour, the Prime Minister spoke with staff at FlexEnable and answered questions from journalists and the crowd. The Prime Minister stressed that Cambridge has brought together brilliant world class universities, some of the best scientists, researchers and innovators and “if we can create new products, services, and keep investing in the sciences and emerging technologies, there there is no reason why we can’t be a huge success.”

On the 2015 General Election for Cambridge, the Prime Minister said “The City was a Conservative stronghold for 25 years until 1992 and I want it to be a Conservative seat again” telling the people of Cambridge: “we want you to come back to us.”

Chamali Fernando our PPC also said “This Government has recognised that the future of Britain lies in cities like Cambridge – that’s why the Conservatives are determined to back science, technology, business and sustainable growth.” The Conservatives in Government have put millions of pounds into science, research and technology projects such as the Cambridge University Maxwell Centre for Physical Sciences and also Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of Cambridge to getting its infrastructure right. To that end, he hailed the much needed widening of the A14, the new railway station and explained that the pooling of resources and more joined-up thinking and service provision between the South Cambridge District Council and Cambridge City Council will lead to greater efficiency. The Conservatives in Cambridge want a unitary authority.